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a writer who draws

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Sorting out my collection of mini-comics, readying them for a donation to the V & A Museum. Do I hold onto the Ralph Kidson material ? oh do i do i ? The portrait sketch on the back of that envelope is also a Ralph Kidson

Half way through the first of two boxes. Many surprise finds, including my first Jeremy Dennis comic, some vintage Frazer Irving, rare Sleaze Castle merchandise, Jay Bonney's scary horror stories, Vintage Bulldog, Toby Parsons, Malcy Duff and Dogbreath. Oh I so might hang on to the Mikal Dyas piece - its so yummy

I'm guessing these photos are pretty crummy but my enabled resolution cam seems to have wandered. I'll see what I can do about getting better shots on...so much for a one night job, theres a weekend in this.

Check the post below for news of the 24 Hour Comics Reviews Day. I'm 100% serial.

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Mikal Dyas

Hi Andy,

I hope your comment about my work wasn't a typo! Thanks for the positive message if it wasn't. What drawing of mine were you looking at? You may be interested in my website. Google my name to see it. Macuser interviewed me about my work last November and the article is here but its quite a large scan. (mikaldyas.com/mikalmac.jpg)

After producing a mini comics around 1999 and a strip for Gavin Burrows I found panel based illustration too difficult in the end so I concentrated on what I was best at and so do more regular illustration these days. My prints have been used on 2 CD covers.
I still have a box full of minis though and like to browse through them occasionally.

Cheers, Mikal

Wow Hi Mikal. It were an untitled piece. Purple cover if I remember A5 with a geometrical face on the front. It really is awesome and I hope I gave it a review worthy of it. Am sure I picked it up at Caption some year.

Perhaps I'll scan it up to let the folks see if its not on your site. Caption is still running and its always great !

Re: Mikal Dyas

Yes that one is on my website.

There is a narrative to it but it does end up looking like a series of vaguely related images! I have since then considered adding a Rupert like text box along the foot of the pictures but moved onto other projects. I was trying to link the pictures into the work of William Blake & Samuel Palmer but I'm not a writer so hit a dead end.

I don't recall ever reading any reviews of it. I was just trying to finish SOMETHING as at the time I was always starting stuff and not finishing it. After all that effort I only made about 10 of them.

The interest in panel orientated work didn't stop as I moved on to make a series of prints that look kind of like medieval comics. In fact this whoel series sprung out of that mini. The mini was to be a story within another narrative about an old tramp like guy wandering around a Brueghalesque landscape.

I have just been approached to show some of my work at the local hospital. I want to supplement the various etchings / prints with 2-3 computer drawn/enhanced images and so I am returning to raid my sketchbooks of the time I made the mini. I have an image of a very narrow tower that starts going in different directions the higher you up you go. Like a big knot in the sky. I love towers!

Similar images can be seen in the incredible work of Paul Noble and the 70s cartoon Fantastic Planet. In the past I didn't like that sketchy water coloured look but I have done a complete about face now and I like it a great deal.


That towers great.
Some of your work reminds me of Calum Iain MacIver, a chap who did a book called Strange Aeons, adapting the tales of Lovecraft to the comic form.

I'm sure I reviewed Elck on TRS2 under 'Untitled' though it didn't make the electronic archives Pete set up. I might scan a few of these up during my recent clean out.

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