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Crazy Pants ! by Raj and Peet !

Crazy Pants ! Crazy Pants !

I picked this one up at the UK W&MCT Thing in 2005 or 2006 and with a big pair of shiny and cloth pants on the cover..well you would wouldn't you ? Labels bearing the makers are also affixed to the centre of the back cover.

The intro ed's page is full of Broken English, providing more detail on the whatabouts,

"I Pantaloon are welcome you
Free sample issue-new comic

These lines assure me no end.

"Ensure hilarity, cherish and mirth,
vomit with laughter & rupture with jocular !
It will be...."

The single page strips within by Raj and Peet! boast competency and accomplishment in the visuals, in really defined styles and theres something to look forward to. However, the words detract, and remind you this is a sampler. Each artist has a strip including the word 'Blah' about ten times each, which rather exhausts the joke for me. But then, for nothing perhaps I've already got a rather good deal.

Visually great (click on the image and go to the gallery to see more snapshots)
Words ? Not much going on but then its too early to tell. Why not find out and get back to me ?

Final words from Pantaloon,

"It will must buy.
You want make contact ? These are method.
Emails: loon (at) feartheworst (dot) com
Snails: 70 Ashford Road, Swindon, Wilts, SN1 3NT
Psychic: ethertransferenceband72vertical (Sundays)"

Crazy Pants ! were 12 pages of A5 interest. MMMM !
Tags: "24 hour reviews"

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