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a writer who draws

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The God Botherers Part 1 by Glenn Foley
24 Hour Reviewing
When Robot Watson and his theology student assistant Oliver's research experiment conjures up teh deity of teh internets...
A comical wee treatise musing on religion, and the dangers of belief and technology. The pacing is a reasonable dabble and the author appears to be sharing his fun, which includes some silly visual imagery and puns which are simeoultaneously bad and amusement. The mini of eight pages ends with a rhyming verse ode to the glories of the party wheelbarrow.
If only there was a size just a bit bigger than A6 that didnt present so much of a copyshop challenge...still its fit in the pocket happiness. You can find out more about the comics of Glenn Foley I'd imagine at the rather sensibly titled Portfoleyo.co.uk