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Duck and Birdie by Reid, Geleijnse and Van Toi
24 Hour Reviewing
According to the introduction this 16 page A6 mini-comic is a fair popular strip in the Netherlands. This is the first time Fokke & Sukke be translated into English. (For more details see this link  )

The humour is slapping and aims for a slap to the face, which I dont think I'd like. Though there are definite aims - comedy is perpetuated and many of these single panel illustrations don't aim so much for the social, but rather broader topical political issues. These arent a consistent success with me but theres enough good material so as I'd like to see these do well in this country.

Unfortunately the website link provided is down. However these is an email address, info (at) duckbirdie.com (same as website, maybe a dead-end ?) The authors are keen to pick up a UK audience so if you're in publishing why not approach them about getting translations more widely distributed here ?

I've had a long day and I'm going to chance a few hours sleep. Hopefully the remaining 15 reviews to come ?