Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

The Nomad Church #1 by Daniel Merlin-Goodbrey

Merlin has been compared to Grant Morrison and compared to Jack Kirby, but reading this booklet from two years ago I'm interested in how much it reminds me of the ethereal quality of the first few REM albums back in the 1980s. His characters are harboring specifically and have an extra-dimensional almost occult quality. Technomage Merlin opens this narrative about a girl on the run from the wolf and a preacher wizard. This looks as appealing as stories published in The Last Sane Cowboy collection. I'm really enthusiastic about seeing part two, which is about as predictable this gets !

Recommended viewing is always at Merlin's groundbreaking webcomics. for the most interesting cartoonist of our generation baby.
Merlin will be attendance at No Barcodes next weekend.
Tags: "24 hour reviews"

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