Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
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Space Junkies by Dan Lester and the 24 Review Round up

  1. Scattered Leaves by Jeremy Dennis
  2. Crazy Pants by Raj and Peet
  3. Malony's Apples by Matilda Tristram
  4. World of Mauretania by Chris Reynolds
  5. Have you Got all your cds and things ? by Sally Anne-Hickman
  6. Mincey Scattercushion by Emily Webber
  7. Sad Chemistry by John Robbins, Sean MacRoibin
  8. The God Botherers Part 1 by Glenn Foley
  9. Duck and Birdie by Reid, Geleijnse and Van Toi
  10. Vampires of Dublin by Whelan and Nolan
  11. The Rule of Death #3 by Douglas Noble and Daniel Merlin-Goodbrey
  12. 5-4-3-2-1 by Dan Fish
  13. Good Craic Comics 1 by Malachy Coney
  14. Whale Hunt by Ben Powis
  15. Hump 2 : Mad Science Fiction by Grave Graham Bettany
  16. Empirical Majesty 1 by Andrew Bartlett and Eleonora Kortsarz
  17. Collected Chainsaw Comics by Mike J Weller
  18. Ed #1 by Sean Azzopardi
  19. The Nomad Church #1 by Daniel Merlin-Goodbrey
  20. Dubious Tales
  21. Dangnabbit #3 by Peter Beare
  22. Wasted Epiphanies #4 by Dierdre Ruane
  23. Knicker Draw by Factor Fiction Press
24. Space Junkies by Dan Lester

and thats all for now. other than in the next week I'll be replenishing my views with Smith and Lambden's new comic, Bloc (looks amazing from the previews), and anything Ralph Kidson has spilt on. I think I deserve some bedtime don't you ?

Andrew xOx
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