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Moving into the virtual caravan

Cut for space, I've a tendency to go on a bit...

As those of you who have been around here for a while might remember, I was made homeless for a few months in 2006....
TI were very fortunate in that I had a good friend who let me move myself and all my gear into his dorm room, and parents who could put me up for a while. In the dorms though there were always a sense of wondering if I'd have a place to stay that night. I spent a good few hours waiting outside on benches a number of times reading through library copies of Promethea. And many hours walking back and forward from Headington Hill into town to try and get some work from the eight agencies I'd signed up for, all of which were quite frankly, as useful as gobshite.

An unfortunate thing happens in that exhausted mind. Reality blurs into delirium and the brain does not think clearly perhaps. Lost in the sun with no harbour for the body to attach itself to. On one occassion my dorm pal told me I coudnt spend the night on his spare mattress. By then, unbeknown to him, I'd about lost track. There were half a dozen friends who I could have contacted for places to stay, and had been good enough to allow me on trips to the city before. Instead my mind gravitated to a homeless shelter, were I cooled off from the sun before 2hrs later shaking as the thunder and lightning pounded the perimeter of the building outside. It took one of those common sense e-yellings from cleanskies that I stay with her and damiancugley whenever the need arose to wise me up.

I only discovered LinkedIn earlier today courtesy of gynocide and wondering why I didnt figure it earlier. Its Facebook, but there appears to be some commonsense to it all. Like, working with contacts, and recommending jobs to mates ! seanazz wrote to tell me he doesnt use it much but I think it will come in fairly useful. Scrolling through the directory, I find myself having flashbacks to the 300 jobs I searched for in my summer of delirium, And well, fuck that !

Then an invitation landed in my lap. An exclusive competition entry to ly to oxfurrd students. One entry into the draw is through just signing up to this webthing. I notice higher prize money for those who fill their profiles, blog and groups on the site with more content...and I figure, I've got a shot at winning this. Even if I score 3rd prize, I could get the month's rent I need to survive on. Being a full-time webhead fits in nicely with my moves from Flickr to Livejournal galleries, my wish to put more comics online, and my Independent study module on the virtual campus next semester. I havent seen much of the site but it does appear to offer the best of what I like about electronic social networking (minus the eyebrow plucking:) 

I've got between now and June 12th to make this a worthy gamble. I have a few ideas what tI'll be doing, though theres nothing much up there yet. My renewed energy web presence will be over here for the next few weeks
And I'm not sure how much of this works on stats, in any case its aka

That url is a bit disconcerting.  Still, beta will as beta be.

EDIT: Seems quite a lot of it will work on stats, and more specifically, group membership numbers. The aim of the project I read, is to assess how flexible it is. I'm working on a few ideas for some  really good groups and projects and I'll post the details around when they're planted.
If you're on there already, give me a nudge, ping or shoulder-rub...Or you could always, register now (or maybe about )
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