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Comics Village was hacked at the weekend....
24 Hour Reviewing
Webmaster Glenn Carter is understandably angry that he and other contributors have to deal with the shitface. (hyperlink removed) I didn't back up properly, and we lost four of the reviews I posted up on the 24hour reviews session. So I'm a little angry too. Comics Village content has probably offended a number of people. Theres comments and aspects of columnists on there that I'm not too fond of either. If this is a hacking from within the sphere of comics arts awareness, well....thats very, very sad indeed. Whoever it were, theyre in need of some serious mental health regime to make some use out of their times spent indulging in sad pathetic existence.

I'm building up my WikiWorldBook site with some group resources for projects I'd like to get off the ground. I think these will genuinely benefit comics art and activist and awareness communities in the long run. However, I will need you to indulge me and go sign up. Details will be in the mail.

Anyone want to post reviews of the comics that got stripped from the links ?
(by Dan Fish, Goodbrey&Noble, Malachy Coney, and Graham Bettany and Bartlett and co. - Goddamnit I worked so hard on those)

Leave a comment. Somewhere.

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a Marxist-feminist
in the morning mist
took Him for a misogynist

if only Cerberus didn't exist
she thought,
brushing thoughts of Him off her cat

the Sun rose on a Gerhard background
much cross-hatched foliage (ooh!)
revealed Sim as he is

and hid again in clouds
much cross-hatched grayness and rain as straight lines.
It's His fault the summer's shit!

I preferred the earlier, funny stories
before Cerberus had a tubular mouth
and sweated, which is wrong for an aardvark

checking the website for updates
Am I still allowed to like Church and State?
I drew the line after that.

The 'debate' is still current??

Edited at 2008-05-27 06:40 pm (UTC)

I hear the pounding of the next thunderstorm and I really have to wonder. Its important to Rick Sharer, and those setting the trends he reports on. Presumably Groth and Thompson too, who made a fair bit of mileage out of it.

"the Sun rose on a Gerhard background
much cross-hatched foliage (ooh!)"

Thats the moment. Right there.

Edited at 2008-05-28 04:13 am (UTC)

Main post edited to link to tagged snapshots I took of the comics

Are you implying something by the link to the Dave Sim article, or did you mean to link to the news article on the hack and mis-type?

I ask as I was commenting on that thread before it went down, and found your site by googling "comics village hacked" in order to try to find out more about what happened.

Living well is the best revenge

I were speculating on the writings of myself, Phil Hall, Rick Sharer, and a commentator whose views on homosexuality were something of a confused throwback. (His name escapes me at present)

Shane Chebsey, one of the keenest promoters of the British comics industry lost a complete column permanently as a result of the hack.

The site has a number of folk who bear a grudge and could pull of such a hack. I can't name names, but od those I could, I'd be alarmed that they would consider bringing Comics Village down worthy of their time.

The best thing that people could do in investigating this would be to contact Joe Gordon at Forbidden Planet, and ask if he could contact the Belfast store about seeing whether FPI Online could stock Malachy Coney's excellent Good Craic Comics.

Also, the Bedsit Journal about copies of Grave Graham Bettany's Hump 2. Though that ones a little harder to explain.

ah right, they changed the hyperlink around on me.

Ah, cool. The now non-existent comments thread on that article had got quite heated, and I was afraid it was being implied that I was responsible for whatever happened (whereas I'm just as annoyed as everyone - I spent quite some time writing my last reply).

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