Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Comics Village was hacked at the weekend....

Webmaster Glenn Carter is understandably angry that he and other contributors have to deal with the shitface. (hyperlink removed) I didn't back up properly, and we lost four of the reviews I posted up on the 24hour reviews session. So I'm a little angry too. Comics Village content has probably offended a number of people. Theres comments and aspects of columnists on there that I'm not too fond of either. If this is a hacking from within the sphere of comics arts awareness, well....thats very, very sad indeed. Whoever it were, theyre in need of some serious mental health regime to make some use out of their times spent indulging in sad pathetic existence.

I'm building up my WikiWorldBook site with some group resources for projects I'd like to get off the ground. I think these will genuinely benefit comics art and activist and awareness communities in the long run. However, I will need you to indulge me and go sign up. Details will be in the mail.

Anyone want to post reviews of the comics that got stripped from the links ?
(by Dan Fish, Goodbrey&Noble, Malachy Coney, and Graham Bettany and Bartlett and co. - Goddamnit I worked so hard on those)

Leave a comment. Somewhere.
Tags: "24 hour reviews"

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