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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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You internet people
sp act hero movie
You're always coming up with new letter formulas that need to be decoded and integrated. Oh yes you are.

Did you come up with a word that describes a clique with a non-derogatory sense ? LUC's No Barcodes were one of those.

More work to do on WikiWorldBook. Actually, I mean more work for other people on WWB. I'd trade in the ipod I've already won for the big prize, which I'd like you to raise between a 1 in 3 chance.

Cross-posted to Bugpowder,
In exchange for your joining WikiWorldBook and one of the groups created there by Andrew Luke within the next two weeks, Andrew will donate an amount of his time as a promoter or assistant to your work in comics or another area.

I’ve been fundamental in contributing to Bugpowder, Caption and London Underground Comics in the past – just the tip of what I’ve done as an independent media professional.

As a creator, I’m aware there are lots of things to do that could use someone doing the work for me. Please get in contact and discuss. (email drew dot luke at gmail dot com)

I'm good at the administration stuff me.

(Heres a link to the terms if you're skeptical)