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sp act hero movie
Laughing my socks off, the fitted academy socks reading lengthy blog on why Doctor Who sucks. Tipped off by Rich Johnston who says of its remarks on Davies-Moffat etc,

"a rather wonderful critique of all such fellows (and Paul Cornell to boot (literally)) by Doctor Who novelist, comics author and sci-fi writer Lawrence Miles. I disagree vehemently with about seven major aspects, and about twenty-three minor ones, but damn if it doesn't make an entertaining screed."

Link: http://beasthouse-lm2.blogspot.com/

I should be staying away from such things after my remarks 'The Geeks Shall Inherit'

Link: http://comicsvillage.net/column.aspx?ArticleID=300

Get over there Jaded,

Link: http://www.amnesty.org.uk/actions.asp

Web access from my home is sporadic this week.

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Don't get me started about Lawrence Miles...

He seems a fair bit off about Press Gang Moffat. I'm with Rich on this one.

Well, I loved all of his Who novels, tried to believe in the Faction Paradox spinoff, then turned around and lashed out at other collaborators/friends of mine. Has since that time used his blog to act like John Byrne while trying to still think he's Grant Morrison.

Over it.

I'm guessing you've picked up on the Gaiman news by now. Excited ?

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