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a writer who draws

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  • 22:25 @pauljholden : a sentiment held by many. I celebrated the twelfth by sleeping through it. The 12th important, why? *rubs head* #

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Why is the 12th important? No, honestly, please tell me as I don't know.

Matt Badham

Would that I could Matthew. If I once knew I've quite forgotten. Lets see...King Billy....1690...Battle of the Boyne. Also...shot at the Boyne...was French...didnt care for the Protestant cause which adore him.

I've remembered now, and thats about it.

I feel very ignorant now.


Nobody really cares about Northern Ireland anyhow

Recommend s current reading matter
(Hyperlink to webpage for Martyn Turner's Pack Up Your Troubles: A History of Political Cartooning in Northern Ireland (includes excerpts))

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