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LUC-model venues for uk comics marketing (Self-Retailing)
sp act hero movie
(cross-posted in a few places tho you folk get first craic)

I've gotten a little impatient lately (cos I'm a git), wondering when UK self-publishers are gonna follow LUC's example of a dead cert business opportunity. Exchanging information about market stall holdings, announcing invites to collectives. Wisdom taught me its no good bitching about something if you're not prepared to do something about it. And put thy money where thy mouth be.

*Fasten seatbelts*

Oxford market stall is go for test flight Thursday in August.

Andrew Luke will attempt to man a market table from 6:30am to 3-3:30pm in Oxford's Gloucester Green Market in at least one of the three Thursdays following Caption.

A co-pilot for this bold dawn experiment is being sought, with crash space included as part of the deal.

Ten creators are being sought to bring extra stock along to Caption. As much different stock as you would like, or as a guide 6xA5 per creator. As I've a number of things to organise Caption weekend, your patience and compromise will be requested. I ask that those signing up please notify me in advance, either on the board or by email. Preference will be given to co-pilots and Oxford cartoonists.

The cost will be £2.50 per creator, refundable amounts relating to cheaper table costs. Sadly this must be paid in advance.

If this experiment is a success, I may attempt several other dates in September.

This differs quite considerably from the Camden set-up. The Thursday Open Market is an antiques market, though browsing the oddities today, much like a car boot sale. (Now theres a new comic-selling model idea ! Any of you folk got access to a motor-caravan ?) The star-up time, size of tables, cost and public differ considerably.

I'll update when I've decided on a date. Publicity, props etc will be most welcome

Also, an additional Launch Date has been set for the Cartoonists Jam Factory collective, a week from today: Thursday 31st July, 6or 7pm-ish
Confirmed-ish: Me, Jeremy Dennis, Daniel Merlin-Goodbrey, David Baillie, Deirdre Ruane, D'Israeli and Sally Anne-Hickman.
Inevitable Facebook thingy to follow soon. Flyers go out on Monday.

Had a good day today. Spent time with visiting parents, found 160 pages of stray art and ate. Now I go to drink water. Water is good, and the fish don't poo in it. Unless they do.

Oh, and happy birthday to dear rockstar pal [info]cleanskies ! Mwah ! We has awesomes for you !

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Wow. Really? Wow. Well done you. How much does the stall cost? And you know you must tell us locals an actual date so that we can come along? Yes, you know that.

Big shout out to the Jam Factory Collective Massive.

Gladly. The market table prices I were quoted from the lady I talked to are £13 for a half-table and she said £2? something for the full table. Theyre really big tables !

I gotta start drawing time again tomorrow !

you're back home?? i take from the parental visit you are

You would know if I were
and undoubtedly we'd be under the influence of whiskey in some psychedelic narrative..somewhere possibly mixing psychedelic gossip, Scorsese oldtimer stories and bodypopping.
Parents are over visiting a few relatives. They brought the mythical objects, Tayto crisps and soda farls, and we've been walking round Oxford sun. You'll love it here. We have Yeti.

Man, *you* are awesome. I was wondering if that was what your twitter implied.

I'd love to help pilot the table but I'll be away - if you run it again after the end of August I will very likely be available to help.

Yes, but can you leave me some of your comics to sell during August ? By special request.

I've no stock of my own, but if Girlycomic has any spare Spacegirls and green Rooms after caption (likely) then perhaps you could take the surplus and I'll bung ya the 2.50.

Speak to ya at Caption!

Give me a date and I migh be able to provide some lunch cover, at least (also stock)

Yay! Sleeping at noon...I've had some practice.

So WHEN in August is this? Give me a date I can put in Outlook calendar, babes.

August 21st. With some neat presentation stands on loan from Andrew Sitt/Caption. Its looking marketable here!

i intend to come and buy lots of stuff

I remember you mentioning this to me at Caption but was away on holiday in Germany when it actually happened. Did it go well? Was there a decent turn out?

Really interested to know because if you're going to run with this idea i'd really like to get on board.

Aaron Murphy, Securitae! How ya doin?

Sunny day and well placed, Yeah a good turn out, and I enjoyed myself. I've a full write up on this which I'll put up on Comics Village or elsewhere in the next few weeks, Will let you know when.

I think it would be very worthwhile for running with this. However the *real* obstacle is that its on a college day (Wed/Thurs) and I've not the support to man the table for a split shift. Experience was so great however that there may be a few reading weeks that I can utilise. Will keep you posted.

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