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Market Stall Comics Oxford: Before
Do it this way

Well, the stock is all ready for this Thursday.

Tom McNally's Semiotic Cohesion puts me at ease with sharks,
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey's All Knowledge Is Strange
jolts wicked, poignant and mapped.
Jeremy Dennis' Scattered Leaves, comics that journey through time and mind.
Lambden and Powell's collected Tales From The Flat with character camaraderie in city suburbs and big layers.
My own assortments of recycled rage, with love, comedy and ESP from my life.

Felt Tip Market the name comes from author of Wasted Epiphanies'Deirdre Ruane Its good but not disposable a name. I'll be selling these comics at Gloucester Green Market, leaving just before 7am. Thats the hope. My emails and phone calls to the local council havent been returned and I'm going on the talk circulated with other stallholders. The person I spoke to in the farmers market assures me the antiques and arts bit operates alongside on the 1st and 3rd of each month.

Unlike those baby faced Camden boys with their covered market and probably a mention from Simon Amnstell, I'll be braving whatever elements are distributed. I havent a polythene top in case it rains sideways, I think hitting Staples or a bigstore for some delivery packaging. Got my tablecloth in the form of a spare bed lining and a pen and paper and some loose change. Theres a listing up on Oxford's Daily Info and pop up on the dreamingspires community in a bit.

I'll probably not Felt Tip Market next week unless the test flight is an overwhelming success. For those who missed my initial post, table costs at Oxford's Gloucester Green Market are 13pounds for a half (which would do) and presumably double for a table thats just huge. Now that I think back to Oli's planning, I ought to get those boxed comics into a wheely travel bag. A simpler weather protecter, and bus ride. I also should look for a burly man with clear address and directing skills.

Knowing the comics I'm selling is a big help, though most customers are best left with little persuasion to their own reading skills. Theyre not likely to grab me and squeel "Sell me a comic which comic must has now!" Or maybe they will. If that happens I'm primed to direct them.

I can say to them, John Robbins Sad Chemistry is like having free cartoons all_the_time, or Itch Publishing's Rubins, Hewes and Korsten have Japanese supermarket spirits ! Or, "A shirt and tie? In the office? A Caption T-shirt will win you a greater financial value!

And a reminder that you can buy many more of these exciting accessories to life um, there, there it is. With a special artist's take down party towards the end of the month.


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Good luck.

Matt Badham

Yays! Best of luck. May customers descend on you like a plague of locusts.

The customers came they saw and some of them feasted. A few of your fans called by!

I forgot! I am so angry with myself over it. Remembered when walking home and cursed myself loudly in front of several surprised tourists.

DAMIT. I intended to buy stuff, not just come along for a look.

Argh. Did it go well? Will you be doing it again?

It never ends

You're a brave man, Andy Luke. But is it not better to fight and die than to live forever with the knowledge that you ran? Here, now - like some vast, predatory bird, give it the worst case of indigestion it's ever had.

Can I do less?

- Tom

Can I do less?

Was that an offer Tom ?

Edited at 2008-08-23 03:53 am (UTC)

Re: It never ends



- Tom

But theres one hope. If I can reach Semiotic Cohesion Dot Com....then I think.....Yes ! The indigestion never saw that coming !

Actually, I read a comic. It really helped thanks.

Edited at 2008-08-23 03:28 pm (UTC)

A low energy day, a very exciting time in my life, but heck you know. I took in just short of double the table costs. Sold a Caption shirt and a fair number of my own comics. Its probably do-able during term time, Jocelyn and Jeremy suggested. I'd certainly like to give it another go though much of this depends on what hours my employer offers yes in reading weeks... everyone should read comics then !

Edited at 2008-08-23 04:46 am (UTC)

Double the table costs? That sounds like a good result to me!

So what fans of mine ( :) ) called by?

Oh I forgot to get a name. A fella who met you through the Fringe. cleanskies, damiancugley and Jocelyn popped by. addedentry and I wants another new comic from you, with enjoying your travelblog!

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