Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

I really love that Tiger Bread

Tried to reach Gordon Brown through a chat room before he took off to the games this morning. Hes looking forward to Beijing. I messaged him to find out if he'd mention the human rights problem in China to the dignitaries there. I should have asked him to look at the displacement so that he can prepare for when the games hit Britain. Chances are he'll not bother before breakfast, though he'll know the message is there by the time hes on the plane.

Am assured theres a spot open for me to meet with Gela and Yuri, though I hope its going to be for toast in the morning. I can do toast. The pair of them like that photograph toast, I've got that. Silver shiny toast rack, just like in the charity shops, hotels and bed and breakfasts. We need to settle this displacement of people in South Osetta. I'm getting fed up of these deliveries of chewy toast, which is okay sometimes. Black and blue toast is never good, but then by pointing this out to them will they challenge me on this ? Will they produce more black and blue toast to prove me wrong? I really hope that they can see the logic in a different preparation.

Nudged. I hope it doesn't topple. If it does, somewhere safe, and sunny side up.
Tags: amnesty international, beijing ker-ching, black, blue, brown, china, earth tones, push, toast

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