Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

My meeting with Paul Kagame and Tharcisse Karugama

Essentially Charlie-boy was stitched up. Those preachers can be a troublesome lot, especially in Rwanda. Helping the helpless, charged with conspiracy to assasinate. He comes accross as someone who The A-Team might be up for breaking out and overturningthe persecutors of. They've faced rigged trials at their roots, and they know how long it takes to get a pardon. The A-Team aren't real though, (wellhellhell, as much as Optimus Prime isn't real or I suspect, the charges against ex-Rwandan Minister Charlie-Boy) I left out trying to explain the analogy to Paul and Tharcisse. Person with a lot on the mind tells me I am difficult to understand. Mock Yeh.

A week or after later, I teleported into their offices and reminded them about a recurring night vision. I left them another of those small gifts - a piece of paper with observations on both sides. A5, double sided, reduced from A3 paper. I made a sign. Like some bottle of rescue remedy, Once opened, it can never be unopened.
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