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a writer who draws

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I'm Batman
I am proud to invite you to The Caption Comics Collective Closedown Party

Friday, August 29, 2008
3:00pm - 11:00pm

The Old Jam Factory,
Hollybush Row, OX1 1HU,
Oxford, United Kingdom

Comics jam, sketching and closedown party for the Caption Comics Collective Exhibition at the Jam Factory. David Baillie, Andy Luke and Daniel Merlin Goodbrey in the afternoon, with Jeremy Dennis and Ellen Lindner coming along in the evening. Possibly others! It's hard to tell with cartoonists. You know what -- you should come along, too.

Facebook Event Listing

Caption is proud to present an exhibition of comic art running throughout August at the Jam Factory gallery. The work runs the gamut from the autobiographical to the fantastic, in a broad range of styles and media. You'll find narratives to follow around the gallery, keenly observed slices of life, adventure, surrealism and humour.The comic form is currently enjoying a resurgence, with a creative flowering of the small press helped by advances in print technology. Come and see some of the artists who are helping to make it happen.

The exhibition is running currently until the morning of the 30th August.