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Blue Eyed YouTuber Expression
Newish article in the Oxford Mail on the Headington subway which some folk are trying to close down with roadworks. The roadworks havent worked for me this summer on the buses, and look set to disrupt some of my semester travels. 

Also I'm quite fond of the mural art down there (which gets a stay of execution until early 2009)
The Lib Dems have a piece about it here, and set up a petition over a year ago which is still good.
Contrary to what it says on the post-submit page, my vote was registered with the untick box to receive Lib Dem emails.

A bit sad because my mini-comics collection left for the V & A this morning. Some really forming years of mine. And I think of missing Andy R., who I didn't fraternise with as I could have, and whom everything I learnt about him taught me I would have thought the world of. To friendship and futures !

"with the arts therapy and the photocopied picture sensations - I werent just a collector, I were a member of a community"