Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

MIA MEPs (One for my readers from North Down)

Enjoying the dual representation of a student, I thought I'd look into my Northern Irish MPs, MEPs and councillors. However it turned out the FindYourMP function doesn't cover contact details for any of Northern Ireland. So I put a list together myself for those in North Down.

You can access contact details all under one place at the linked-in address.

I've dropped a line to, which should be providing those details. Its blatantly obvious that with a site design which looks like it could have come out of those ads for Call Direct Accident and Insurance there'd be problems. Perhaps the Westminster Govt. might have thought about that before they got their details off of Living TV, UK Gold or where-ever.

Anyway, I dropped them the following wee email

"I was looking for information on my Northern Irish MPs and MEPs and I was saddened to read that you had been unable to include these details. I managed to gather the data myself and though you might be interested in putting it up onto your site. I notice you're interested in extending and improving your services, so do get in touch and I can send you through the Microsoft word document."

I'll have to refer a few bloggers to this matter when I get the chance (maybe tomorrow). Also I mean to find out which body's responsibility compiling this sort of list should be. I need to send them an invoice.

James Nicholson particularly hacked me off so I thought I'd take a look at his MEPs Declaration of Members Interests. All the NI MEPs had 'Nothing to Declare' A_LOT which seems exceedingly suspicious. Barbara De Brun hasn't even a signature on hers ! What shes been doing there is using the standard BIC, when actually company sponsored biros can produce ink more fluently. I could send her one but I wouldnt want to taint her corporate-free virgin soul. James Nicholson has declared something - all the way downto the last category, a scrawling of pen materialises. James reveals he had five nights in a hotel, paid for him by the government of 'Isreal'.
To be fair he gets it right the second time.

Useless MEP map that'll take you through to a by-region list of your MEPs
Meps, MPs and Councillors Contact Details for North Down

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