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a writer who draws

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ComicsCon Weekday Again
sp act hero movie
Got back late yesterday from the Birmingham Comics Show. I missed my train talking with the really lovely David, and Josef the layman. John and Rachel put me up for the night in their really smart home. I fell in love some with John's lightbox. Having studio space seems like such a good idea.

Anyway, my new columns up. I thought it read a bit dry, though Glenn Carter seems to like it. A 'things to remember' type list for involvement in a gallery collective. Based on the Oxford Jam Factory and Comics Collective experience. After talking to Shane at the weekend about his show, my advice delivery seems bumbley. Its got no amusing anecdotes about Jeremy Dennis or David Baillie, and I don't recall putting any expletives in.

lessons learned from the jam facory

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Useful stuff!

Matt Badham

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