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a writer who draws

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sp act hero movie
At around midday today Andrew Luke broke off diplomatic allegiance with the United League of Squirrels. Working on a 2,500 word essay over a week, Mr. Luke could not be reached for comment on the matter at this time, other than to remark briefly.

"The Winter is a vulnerable time for the Squirrel League. They are of course fuckers, and not open to meaningful distractions. Unlike me, cos I am brill and tawdry."

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I don't pretend to understand this at all, but I liked "brill and tawdry".

You are undoubtedly brill.

I've been buying Iceland (the chainstore) pizzas today. They are cheap and not very showy, although they have the benefit of being tidy for storage.

Thankyou, luv. I suspect you're a might briller. I has calculator.

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