Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

I feel a whole blog post coming on about the military.

Billy has asked me to plug the Gurkha Justice Campaign, one that seems to be doing quite well for itself. A petition to ask the government to honour a high court ruling, no problem with that.

That it makes large of their service in the armed forces gets my goat a bit. Cos, quite frankly I'm a bigot in this area. I don't like military. I think,  a very stupid way to make a living, a stupider way to spend time  on this planet of wonderful things. Yes, I'm very uncomfortable about it. I have friends and family who are in the armed forces. I worry about their safety and  their signing up to shoot (or help shoot) at people in a foreign land...let alone anywhere else, at the beck and call of some arsehole in government. I feel friendship and regard has been violated.

The Ghurka Justice Campaign, according to the BBC angle is as much about dealing with the dislocation of people who'd rather stay together. From a different time. Anti-war proponents have to deal with the emotional baggage and PTSD, returning soldiers are bringing back with them. We didnt wear the uniforms or pick up the guns. Its obviously not easy, its un-obviously heroic. By signing a petition, theres no adrenalin rush, the cool technology doesnt make me feel powerful or high. Its just a thing to do. And I'd better sleep: I've a whole day to fill with "full of soul"
activism. I've a few awesome people to try and compete with

- Andrew, 3am - a different time
(sorry if thats murky Billy, fancy a word in the comments? Open mic?)


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