Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

mostly this month i have been in room

I went back home to NI were the social lovers had contracted various maladies and shunned me from them. The family lovers were sweet and tolerant though, and I visited Gran Anna on our birthdays. Stuart Luke remains my favourite brother, the others genetic let-downs too busy to read this. Their lack of offence gives me a chuckle. Stuart was caught red-handed drawing in a comic art style, and hes made some new music that I cant wait to listen to!

I didnt get much work done there. Assessments, once I returned to this semester's, had me thinking about Ebert's lies and growing kind towards the man - I learned to stop calling Truffaut Truffle. I played tit-for-tat like Dawkins showed me, and gained an A, and still haven't drank any Coca-Cola. Yes, I participated in NanoWriMo Day with 4,000 words.

For my final assessment, I had to pretend I had a child and choose an NI school. It was difficult, very difficult. DENI, Ofsted, CCEA, NatStats, I had a lot of difficulty before I even got to this.

The above was written mostly round Saturday. I was all set to enjoy my freedom Monday night when stomach bug the behometh struck, zapping my belly with a violent storm. The doctor I spoke to today confirmed that I was right to sleep it off, and should remain off food. The doctor were one of those as in the tv shows I like were she'd be talking something in my ear jammed then or another cavity was just measured huh where did that come from. Anyway, she says its probably food poisoning, and I nod, but I'm not really sure were from. I get taking home a test tube to stick something from my bum in and blackcurrant anti-dehydration supplements.

Recent listening: Dr.Dennis Dalton, The Psychology of Liberation (recommended)
Earworm: REM- I've Been High, Radiohead's OK Computer
Soon to be listening: Some learn Spanish guide or other i dunno mate :-))
Food most likely to ressurect appetite: Garlic smothered bread


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