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sp act hero movie
Been watching a few episodes of Buffy probably to help with the crying. I took about 25 hours of study time during my trip to Spain to get ahead on my Cultural Philosophy and Independent Study for this semester. The bad - I left the folder on the plane at Gatwick. Emails, sms and voicemail have been left since Thursday, no response. If anyone reading this can help, yes. I'll make a post on www.isowish.com when the registration problems are fixed.

Extra problem is that I need an extra unforeseen module. A plain sail semester seems to become more stress than I'm ready for. Needless to say I'm looking forward to the next party. *Manages Wink*

The happiest point of my visit to Alicante was sitting along the bay in the good sun and light wind inking the 100th page of my new comix. A saxophonist played some bluesy pop meme in the background quite deliciously. I clapped. He came over and introduced himself as Carlos, and I summoned up the confidence to draw him a reasonable head-sketch.

ViejaTorres felt good. Nice apartment, brilliant Chinese restaurant, friendly company, good cafes, too many Irish bars. I'd better get to work.

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Yow, badness! Don't forget to try St. Anthony. (I'll put in a word for you. He's been good to me.)

:) I had a book pop-up earlier this afternoon with St. Anthony and fishes...

Argh! That's horrible. And they aren't answering your calls?

Hope it comes back to you...

Their lost property is open Tuesday to Saturday. They may well have found it by now, but bound by office hours. If I don't hear from them on Tuesday I'm going to drag that folder out of where-ever its hiding by tapping the almighty powers of the conscious community interwebs.

Aw, sorry to hear. MASSIVE BUMS.

OTOH, glad you enjoyed Alicante.

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