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Yet Another Diary Blog Post
sp act hero movie
Well still no precious folder back from Easyjet Gatwick. That and a few other setbacks plunged me into a fortnights depression. One of these you should probably be aware of was a hack who appears to be hijacking identities through Instant Messaging and email. So, be way of downloading stuff. I should check .scr files

Grades came through on Monday. ABBC was expected, AAB+B was received. So the beards gone, the whiskeys back in the box. I havent checked for Howard Hughes toenails but I think I'm safe.

Had a word with the tutors too, and we've found a way round having to take a 5th module. I better go drop my tutor an email to arrange that papers now.

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I never open .src files, and run every .doc file I receive through a filter.

Hearty congratulations on the grades.

Cheers mate. Src files yes i've never met one I've liked.

"so the beards gone, the whiskey's back in the box" hahahaha. very good. by the way got a new mobile number. will communicate it to you through more secure channels. you had a fortnight's downer. i had a 4 day toothache, which feels like something similar. went to the hospital last night and the french dentist woman (lovely and long - looked like she shouldve been on a milan catwalk instead) drilled a hole through the offending tooth and was hit in the eye by a squirt of toothdecay pus. oh how i laughed. but many hours later. at the time i was having fits of agony.

congrats on the slightly better than expected grades, pal!

Also cheers man. Sorry I've been putting off emails - will get one off to you within the next few days I hope.
Talking of toothache reminds me I must go brush and do you fancy a trip out to see hitsb?

Woo, fantastic grades. Much congratulatings. I like the beard-and-whiskey thing too. It reminds me of a bit in Battlestar Galactica where (not wishing to spoil you) things were going really badly and everyone grew bad moustaches or too much hair or got fat. Then the doldrums ended and a character was seen at a mirror, shaving off the Moustache Of FAIL.

It sucks about the folder though.


How do I get 'A'?
However, I am pleasure this result. I expected it is extremely horrible but much better.

Sorry.. It's Ji Ho

I wondered about this: my first years I worked hard and got only Bs. Certain fields grant grade As easier than others. Film Studies is one of these. Editing writing and condensing with researched relevant info works.

With my other A, I gained my grade mostly through my essay. For this I took extensive notes from a number of essential sources and a handful of trivial ones. Twenty-eight A4 pages of notes. (You may remember I use A3 white paper and fold it over to create a booklet) These notes supplement weekly lecture and other research notes. Jotting down so much potential essay pieces I can pick and choose which information I want to include.

I still find videos a highly useful academic tool - I can jot notes from the audio and pay attention to the visual if that's more important. I can pause a video, and because it otherwise has a fixed time, I don't spend too long on one source or daydreaming.

Edited at 2009-01-30 04:37 am (UTC)

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