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a writer who draws

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(no subject)
sp act hero movie
  • 10:59 Low on strength. I m quite incompatible! #
  • 14:11 Part of my psyche constructed a girlfriend modelled on ex crush, lifework history and intimacy in sleep. Losses became adventurees. #
  • 14:15 I feel less fragile now but i do wish students would Stfu in lectures. Prick girls. #
  • 15:21 @petemwah Great photo!
    Dems OxBrookes administrative equality standards! #
  • 23:14 Charlie Brooker's Newswipe was quite good. I think I'll be checking out this The Wire thing. #
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Make sure you have the subtitiles on.
It will take a few episodes. You go from thinking 'It's OK, but what's the big deal?' to slobbering addiction.

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