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sp act hero movie
  • 02:41 Up late on eyewitness report- customs police intimidate coachload of pensioners. should be at andrewluke.co.uk in a few hours. please link #
  • 03:00 Any professional journalists in the UK reading? I could really use some help on this one. Direct message me. #
  • 05:08 @journalismnews tinyurl.com/ddypba please link to this, put this story on agenda #
  • 15:36 going back to sleep. trying not to think about the busload of terrified British pensioners I left last night. tinyurl.com/ddypba #
  • 20:07 Feel like abuse victim in recovery digg.com/d1oIWr signing to a few news sites, feels strange needing other people to publish my work #
  • 21:41 @livej thanks for your support. tinyurl.com/chjd7l www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-241670 #
  • 22:02 @livej yes, but I'm awaiting verification, buddy. Just contacted TheGuardian. Time for a cup of tea to settle me. Maybe another long night. #
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Alex Jones in bed with Fox-news


Not a pretty sight

Re: Alex Jones in bed with Fox-news

Have you come back?

Re: Alex Jones in bed with Fox-news

Abuse by the hypodermic needle media effects model is a sad way to go. Alex Jones has been getting into the room with Fox News for well over four years now. It certainly seems like they may want to "play" his brand of sensationalism now that their old allies have left power. I seriously doubt Obama uses heroin, but you wouldn't have to look too far to find governmental (and media) connections to the heroin trade. Mr. Obama's actions in Afghanistan and Pakistan are certainly proof that we need to make sure that people in his luxurious aesthetic situation are constantly observed and guided. They work for us. If that means hollering at them and being abusive as Alex Jones does when another civilian is murdered on their orders, thats quite justifiable.

Re: Alex Jones in bed with Fox-news

Well yes,you said yourself,it's a "brand of sensationalism".Braying and hollering at the Master in fact suggests that THEY certainly do not work for us and only comfirms for them our weakness and their strength

"Braying and hollering at the Master"

If we all screamed at once, we'd only deafen ourselves. Seems we have a problem to work out. Sorry my brains tired.Where does Roger Delgado fit into all of this?

only comfirms for them our weakness and their strength"

Virtuous, but, thats an attitude more widely distributed as meme than it is easy to muster in practice. I say this relating to the victim-survivor, though in his role in a studio (one assumes, five miles underground), Jones' position differs sufficiently.

Beck's adoption of the Jones-style incidentally seems completely devoid of any of the investigative journalism Jones has put in over the years. Are you in the US, are people there buying into it? I'm inclined to give Jones more leeway, because as hes stated, he could become a victim of manufactured evidence injurious or fatal to himself as a result of a pissed off military industrial complex. Again.

That said, his previous film, about global depopulation...what was it called? Theywanttokillallushumansnow or something. I found that unbearable.Watched the first thirty minutes which was unforgivable insubstantial agenda-beating. And bloody depressing.

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