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a writer who draws

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sp act hero movie
  • 01:50 indymedia via @gaiabomb www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2009/04/427066.html "The death of peaceful protest?" #
  • 02:08 Phillipa Forrester and Pooh-Sticks : Brilliant! But I've lost my login. Tell him I sent ya ryanscott87.blogspot.com/ #
  • 02:25 @scottlackey excellent find! ( tinyurl.com/dgkcry ) #
  • 21:59 New piece on HMRC vs OAPs sent along for editing to the excellent Todd Thacker at OhMyNews. I hate living at the raggedy edge. #
  • 22:01 Any artists fancy an extended project? I'm thinking 12 page pieces, would love to co-create with @oliveryourface and co-write with GMJordan #
  • 23:25 Avaaz Petition for ya if British policing effects yr lives tinyurl.com/d75onh esp. for the nowt to do wi me whingers & bitches #
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