Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Study Buddy Request Birmingham Blog Community

Hello Internets, 4 days to go on my degree perhaps, or 5 days interpreted in my biorythm linguistics.

I'm researching around for an 3,000worder on 'the role of professional or community learning in a modern society' and for various reasons** I'm studying the Birmingham blogging community.

I've been following Pete Ashton's blog* from his early days and I pop by Jez's blog a bit as well. So I've a rough idea of things like CiB and group urls like Paradisecircus, keepdigbethvibrant, birminghamitsnotshit and eyeonmoseley as well as

That said, Ashton's Jarvis Cocker-esque stagecrashing managed to slip by me...

Heres where I'm up to:

Content analysis of Pete, Andy Pryke, Kenny (Parallaxview), Ben (Silentwordsspeaklouder) and Phill (phillux.blogspot) up to June 2005, although mostly 2003-05.

So, heres where you come in.

Can you point me in the right direction of any links or threads, moments were the Birmingham blogging community really comes together for you? Unpublished anecdotes are also welcome.

To be honest, I don't use Flickr any more and the discussion threads always seemed difficult to locate. Anyone want to take me through the importance of the Brum Flickr group in professional and community learning?

Read or written any good testimonials about the process of blogging that I should know about?

I expect the 'professional' business initiative aspect of things is going to become more clearer the more I study the last 4yrs. I'm probably going to concentrate on community, though its all in there together. Help welcome on that too.

Please drop a comment or if you prefer, email me at drew. luke at

I plan on going through Jez's earlier entries, covering the latest stuff and following other players such as Stef Lewandowski and Andrew Dubber and whoever else I find interesting & relevant. That said, I'll be finishing up research by late Thursday, ad have a few other papers inbetween.

**as my course was an independent study module in education forced upon me by departmental cuts, I had only a day to think it through. I'm a nice lad, a good lad, but a gullible mindless simpleton.
*There should really be lots of hyperlinks here. how about i fix it after?

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