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a writer who draws

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sp act hero movie
  • 19:06 Halfway through Se. 1 of The Wire, wondering if anyone made a Wire/Rembrandts/Friends couch mashup music video and v. relieved they havent #
  • 20:11 Considering attending the 2D Festival in Derry first days of June, then to Bangor to spend some time with parents and @crazydiscostu place #
  • 21:07 Getting hair cut next week by internationally rated mobile hairdresser friend is.gd/zUmi #
  • 21:50 @livej if I'd read that ten minutes ago I could have sent them right over! Give Galena a call and mention my name. She may have a vacancy! #
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the wire then? the best cop/crime/drama series ever. fantastic. having marathon'd through both series of twin peaks i've been exposing myself to reams of quality american tv entertainment. if you're coming over gimmie a shout. when's the 2d fest'? 1st of june? that a wk'end? if so me and aoife could hook up w/you if you like

Hey man. The 2D Festivals is the 4th-6th More information at http://www.2dfestival.com/

Should be able to pick beds up each for £20-£25 for the weekend.

If you can't make that I'm looking at getting onto Ulster soil around the 1st or 2nd, and sticking about for at least a fortnight. So we will be catching up!

(I'll be taking in some Wire when I'm there, probably 2nd season)

You been in contact with Aofie?

andy if you're going to 2d gimmie a bell.
i went last year and it was alright.

Hey Bill, been meaning to contact you. Lets hook up for a bit longer than a coffee week after next?

sweet, gimmie a call when your over.

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