Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

  • 03:06 wonders why doesn't exist as a page but the username is already taken. Power related greed most probs. #
  • 03:54 Wondering if anyone caught Leonard Rifas panel at the Second Life Comic Con last week. Of course, its 4am here so no one will read this. #
  • 13:20 rather excellent RT @globalvoices This dulling/spectacular one, Moscow gas pipe fire explosion last week. With Spider-man. #
  • 13:24 Reading Sean MacRoibin's The Monkey-Head Complaint: full of regional colour dialect, intimacy and morality, a masterful storyteller. #
  • 13:28 Smirk one page strip recommended to me by my friend Steven the Ninja. Can anyone identify the author? #
  • 14:26 MacRoibin Robbins fully rounded characters draw the reader's best attributes to want to break through the 4th wall.. virtuous expositions #
  • 14:26 occasionally thinly justified narrative devices, 'Monkey-Head Complaints' rich on content, economy and style. £2/£2.50 to #
  • 14:54 @MattBadham Thinking I might call around four. Or should evening appropriate? #
  • 15:17 @MattBadham I has date tomorrow w. cultivated, clever wordsmith sort in London. Need to have brain on, model sleeper. 9 o' clock itis then! #
  • 18:07 George Bush goes too far with George Romero (via @dynamostu) #
  • 18:11 Barrack Obama goes too far with Ceasar Romero #
  • 21:56 Just off phone. Twitter honeymooner @MattBadham tells me of 5 mysterious people who proposed a great Caption Away With Fairies panel idea #
  • 21:57 I would really like to attend Caption this year. #
  • 22:06 edit: re: Caption panel suggestion @MattBadham. More suggested than proposed! #
  • 23:54 Andrew Smith, MP for Oxford ladies and gentlemen. Hes a Cheney Village chav then. Claims equaling 583 / 750 rooms. #
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