Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

  • 02:25 RT@benchilada This re-opening, is it tourism or Yikes like creepy gov paradox WTF? #
  • 02:28 Ah, "Guided tours cost $7" Whats the chance of laying some undiscovered oil location blueprint forms leading up to the building? #
  • 04:01 Seems I'm going to miss brunch in London. May be available late evening, (link via @chrisknowsbest) #
  • 13:02 Coach to London shortly. Few hours to spare on arrival (3pm on) Has no twitterphone, direct texting is good. #
  • 13:34 The coach driver - have you got a tenner, date? Three times he called me date. Through the looking glass! #
  • 13:39 A group of ten attractive blondes aged 25-40 get on the coach. Ones asks another if shes an elitist and theyre making dirty songs about ... #
  • 13:44 Has twitterphone! Going to immerse myself in sean macroibin's coyote road #
  • 14:56 Date cancellation in london again. The statistics of my dating life are about as encouraging as the likelihood that jfk is still alive. #
  • 17:19 @Nhyrvana i'm totally hot? My thankyou. Yes added through courted entertainment of the king cybering big soul simian #
  • 17:23 Just had a good old drink and a swear with foucauldian @theolismith will be in london a while but no plans #
  • 18:39 #London mornington crescent's geater london house: "adrian veidt? but thats impossible!" #
  • 23:54 After a delightful evening with jenny of pirates eating hummus kebabs and viewing her valuable self-authored kids picture books #
  • 23:58 £120 to exhibit for the weekend at birmingham? Sorry but no. There are no other words i can put to that. Barcamp is one. #
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