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a writer who draws

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sp act hero movie
  • 01:08 Anti-Nowhere League's Streets of London on YouTube, closing a show with digital green 80s bit.ly/tbx2Z #
  • 01:09 shouldve been "digital green 80s lettering". Working the GMT night-shift updating my CV and LinkedIn profile. #
  • 10:32 @richjohnston WTF? #
  • 10:39 @richjohnston had me worried there for a moment. Curiouser and curiouser. Any chance of seeing you at LUC 176? I hear theyre revolting. #
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hello there again andy. seems aoife's put a bar on my going up to derry for the 2d fest'. as it is her friends b'day that wkend and seeing her friends are now my friends i must be in attendence. yep still in touch with her - in one way or another, we've been going out now for 2 years, give or take. did you think we'd split up, or maybe i gave you that impression? you say you'll be over for a fortnight? when is that? got john's 'the monkey head complaint' in the post. surreal and jarring (in a good way) and shuddering extraction of a weirdness from the everyday. will have to call him to tell him what i think as his online facilities have hit the skids. hope to get his mother on the line. i'll ask her, what comes between 2 & 4 OR what's another name for bacon in the mornings. dig that dublin lilt.

have been shortlisted for a prestigious poetry comp' run by erbacce press. you can see my name (the alias, john laurence (i now have 8 aliases - starting to think i have some semi split personality thing happening)) over at their website. am happy about this. the name john laurence came about in the most exquisite case of synchronicity to ever occur for me. the details will be forthcoming when i see you - face to face - tet e tet!

Hey man, that seems some alright competition. I need to find someone whose interested in my comics who offers that sort of deal. I'd been confusing Aofie with Alfie/Aofie who we'd met, jeez, about nine years has it been? At the Dublin comics con in one of those fancy hotels.

Truth be I don't really know Aofiewell so if the pair of ye have managed to last two years, I look forward to meeting her. Tell her I am a good boy and not a maker of trouble. AIso I have a very weak bone deficiency and am not up for any raves. I may act drunk but no no, I am pretty much a teetotaller. And I like the smell of Jack Daniels, which is why I got an aftershave that smells like it.

I should be in Belfast in the next three or four days.

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