Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

  • 15:07 @smarthart take care chum #
  • 15:08 Listening to Henry Wymbs Irish Eye on BBC Oxford. Not my usual delight but after hours of Hart FM its a comfort splendid #
  • 16:06 #doctorwho isnt that, for children? A kids show? ..............
    hahahhahahaha ought to watch adult programmes like Pop Idol and Big Brother #
  • 16:32 @KarlRove I loved that film with the potato head and all the blight and the head of straw u were in by Oli Stone. kill yourself lol lol die #
  • 16:40 realising I've a substance of unchecked Twitter followers. If my following you is important, message and tell why, who u are and what u do #
  • 17:40 @nineveh_havant ah, but i have been keeping my eye on you. for you're a politician....nineveh would have been a great name to run under :) #
  • 17:43 Enjoying a site with a similar name to my own - loaded with some funny disturbing edited Trek: TNG clips #
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