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a writer who draws

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Yeah, life is strange
sp act hero movie
Tues. Finished boxing most of my belongings for moving house, ahead of two week cavation.
1:30-3:30 Manage 2 hours in the dark rest "because a rest can be the next best thing to a sleep."
5am Sleep on the coach to London
9am Collect tickets from Euston. Discover I am short the rail ticket from Dublin to London.
1230pm Sleep on train from Euston to Holyhead.
1240 Contact booking office who only have me listed as to Dublin. They promise to re-listen to the calls and fund me my return to Dublin if they've screwed up. Theres evidence aplenty.
1310 Twitter if full of Matt Bahdham asks incisive interviews with comics festival organisers. Matt Badham needs a journalists job help him find one so say all of us. Very good, but ***andrew luke needs your love too bitches and beauties*** I text Matt a job I applied for in Manchester. I'd really like it, but Matts a great guy, family to support, has helped me out. Hes a referee on my CV, he's sure to get noticed! Quick sulk ends.
1320 Sleep on ferry to Dublin Ferry Port
1700 Only forty euros available from ATM. This covers exactly e2.20 coach to Connolly and e38 from Connolly to Belfast. Somehow I get by.
1710 - 1945 Sleeping on Dublin Enterprise
smetime after 1945 I'm in th eback of an ambulance with a very helpful paramdeic. Can't make out much of what hes saying. I had a seizure and they stopped the train to take me to a hospital near Lurgan. I try to stay wake but I'm wearing an oxygen masks.
Thurs 03:45 The nurses seem to like me. The don't like the alcoholic in recovery who talks non-stop for 7hrs insisting I do what I want.
0800 the nurses insist I have a brain scan but I disagree. Theres not usual seizure cut or bruise on me nor an anomaly found from their tests so far. No headaches, not even the downers. I feel chirpy. I'm on holiday, and I get to spend one day with my brother who I've not seen in nine months befre he leaves for Greece. My parents I get to see for four days. So I'm damn well not spending any more time than necessarry in a hospital.
1658: Typing on my mum's laptop. Someone has hacked into my livejournal account writing a gobbledygood entry for Tuesday. Yeah, life is strange.

ps I shall try to come up with some good original material. I have been neglectful. I feel bad and I am sorry.

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Glad to hear you're okay after the seizure, hope the rest of the holiday goes a lot better & you have a good time.

Take it easy, mate. Make sure you have a proper holiday and look after yourself.

Decide to check your live journal and find you've had a f*cking seizure.

That fairly freaked me out. Glad you're better.

Matt B

Hope that last reply wasn't too agressive. Sweary.

Concerned, you know.

Matt B

No, not at all. I love swearing.

Seizures / absences are such a lonely thing that I forget are how it freaks people out. Sorry folk. Fairly bland seizure this one despite it leading to A & E. I say fairly bland, but of course, I wasn't there!

Your brain is illegal, Andy. Customs'll get you every time! (The BBC Newsline team will be on your trail, I'm sure.)

You stopped a train, though - that's some consolation.


Thanks for suggesting Phil Barrett and I have a chat. Great guy.

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