Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Exclusive to Livejournal! The Lost Tweets!

17/06 00:16 The Black Boat in Bangor might be a good place for activist musicians to communicate with. Rock!
19/06 13:11 Leaving Bangor with Henry Darger in mind. Next stop, the poet of Cregagh towers. He has his arms outstretched. Today shall be a rise.
19/06 17:00 Snake and Laurie Anderson's O Superman
19/06 13:59 Anyone got space for a co-tenant behind on the rent for up to a month? Dir message.
20/06 11:17 On the train to Dublin. Hoping to catch up with Tweets tomorrow.
20/06 11:23 Strikes me most adults don't read comics (pamphlets) because theres fewer comics for adults and they don't know were to buy them.
20/06 11:28 Delaying publishing of my new comic (book) a few weeks which means it won't be out in time for #luc176 sigh too dangerous even for 176
20/06 11:35 Other than the usual suspects, why do you see #luc176 as important beyond its attending number in the great british comics publishing industry?
20/06 17:35 Green fields of Anglesey - not now to sleep I think. Wheres the debate in the nature nurture debate?
20/06 20:03 Christ. I'm on the Chester to Crewe train with Gene Hunt The Musical.
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