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a writer who draws

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I've been feeling compelled lately to diary middle class homelessness online. They'll all be short I hope, under cuts like this one:

I'm lapsing into spending days without jobsearching. I feel comfortable in the company of R. - nice to have a sharing housemate let alone a potential band member should we. I don't want to get invested in that until I find a job and a place of my own. I was to move to Bangor today to stay at D's place - instead thats been put back a couple of days again. The starting and stopping from throwing my all into a jobsearch. I'm aware I've been very fortunate with this, my second stint of homelessness. The mind of the homeless includes the ever presence of lost-ness which doesnt help my motivation. D. needs someone to look after his cats while hes on holiday for a few weeks. The security of that should push things along.