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a writer who draws

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1st facebook live snap
Another social day after a good start emailing 5 recruitment agencies. Slumped a bit by being cheeky out of line with R. He seems to have brushed it off,  I should be more careful. Mostly social today: improving my reading, visiting R.'s brother  and his kitten.
M. has agreed to let me stay at his on Friday night when R.s girlfriend stays.  I picked up the kitten's clothmouse and tied its tail to a loose shoelace. We made a pully out of it over the door handle as he clasped, slunk it along the floor for the pounce. Dangled it above the head and kitty boxed for it. R. gave me the cat to hold and I was getting comfortable when it soft bit my hand and I dropped it and knocked some things over. This is all good training for staying at D.'s place from Saturday looking after his two cats.