Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke


Settled in my own place in Belfast which is very lovely. I was planning to write about it, but the depressions fucking things up ths wk. Bare facts though: I'm safe, well, otherwise happy, on the dole and working to 'work'. Off with Patrick Brown to comics, zines, record fair in Dublin this week and spending time with the excellent John Robbins. So that should be good.

Meantime, take your pick or don't from these reprinted writings of mine,

November -
6 Tours Tonia: A sampler (250 words) - Please vote if you like it so I can has money (No registration required)

5th November -
Co-Writers Wanted for The Santa Commission Report (250 words)

5th November -
Just Vote Green Sense. (250 words)

17 October -
Cannabis abuse (100 words)


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