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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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Livejournal, livejournal, livejournal, I've been so negligent of your love.
lets go to work
I thought I could return my Twitterstream to you, I should never have taken it.
I have nothing to show, except a photo of Boris Johnston looking confused driving a train, but Graham Linehan tweeted it, so I suspect your Pooka has seen it.
Update: Here's a photo of a sad potato I found!

Horray for odd shaped foodstuffs!

Nothing much new to here either. I've gotten word of my first personal tuition job, so I'm all-a-scatter. It's GCSE History and a topic I haven't looked at since my own days at school. Textbooks are ordered, session plans drafted, it's coming together.

I've a few big announcements this year on the comics front. In December I started a weekly column at Alltern8.com. Just up: a Sheridan Cottage style comparison of British and Japanese comics festivals.

Next up, the emergence of that minicomic novel as webcomic. The first part was already previewed on Twitpic earlier this year and appears with the rest at:

Updated Thursdays.
More to come.
I'll be in London for a wee holiday 14th-19th January. Doing my best to get out to Oxford, but not going to plan so far. Anyone wanna plan for me? It would be great to see those of you in the areas.