Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Mondays Tweeting with Richard

This week, we'll have a briefer meet from 12-3:30. If I've set it up properly, it'll come straight through to LJ. Here's last week's session,

6:07 PM Off home once more pleased with today's session. 'Mondays with Richard on Twitter'. I like.
5:55 PM Rich and I discussing ongoing s/p series. I think we've arrived at needing to bring on board another writer. We're looking for writers. Go.
5:38 PM Overheard: "I'm not going to use that Yahoo address. It's just a gunge to the eyeballs with disease ridden porn"
5:22 PM Sofa surgery= £3.07
4:49 PM Shit or good? We're not going to take the chance of watching 'Glee' "It sounds like a cultural version of Russian Roulette".
4:40 PM More 4 : very strange. Rodeo dressed dancer line dancing, Lassie dogs skipping between his legs to the soundtrack of The Magnificent Seven.
4:21 PM Concerned to hear a Holly Grieg support group on Facebook of 12,000 members was taken down Sunday last week?
3:53 PM Alleged Quote from Icke (via Richard) "The reason she's called Elizabeth is because it sounds like A Lizard's Breath"
3:42 PM "Sweet dream, oh a beautiful nightmare" sings Beyonce. "I heard a drunk in Derry sing this", says Richard. "Just those lines."
3:23 PM Eastenders' Johnny Allen, demon lawyer for Wolfram & Hart and Injurylawyers4u with the tempest, his aura giving the digital film a seizure
3:23 PM Rich has turned over to BBC1's "Dirtgirlworld", a child's screechy cutout animation. Didn't last long. Back to Kyle. "Get that information"
3:19 PM Holy %&^&)! Kyle just pulled an understanding off!
3:15 PM Uploading a brilliant article on the Belfast indy press. Richard has moved from boredom with Kyle to concerned breathing.
2:59 PM Incidentally, the sponsor's theme lyrics are "All fucked up, we're all in it together, Bang Bang Smack, Goes In My Vein"
2:49 If I was a young person gender-reassigned on the Jeremy Kyle show, I wouldn't go on without friends sitting by. He's an emotional predator.
2:44 PM Jesus, this is agonising.
1:48 PM And Graham's surname is semen.
2:30 PM Rich tells me when off-air, Kyle tours his show around England, like a circus. He goes into pubs and insists everyone empties out to watch
2:29 PM Made by Kenner-Parker, plastic alsatian baby birthed out of Kyle's guest when button pushed. "Put something on the end of it!" "rawf rawf"
2:21 PM Rich wants JeremyKyle actionfigure. "Put something on the end" "Don't look at me like that" Fully posable for steps lurching. Eyes light up.
Tags: david icke, holly grieg, injurylawyers4u, jeremy kyle, johnny allen, twitter

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