Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

  • 07:19 Oh, and for Christ's sake don't unionise. There's only one highest paid group at the top, and conflict creates character. #makebadcomics #
  • 07:21 Don't go making comics which educate people. That stuffs boring and should stay in the 1950s. #makebadcomics #
  • 07:22 Likewise, don't include cut-out "educational" tools for kids eg. windmills. Only creepy old man says you should do that. #makebadcomics #
  • 07:24 If you work in isolation, you should encourage your work to be viewed in the same way. By the same people. And lock the door #makebadcomics #
  • 07:26 Slice the page with your finepoint pen #makebadcomics #
  • 07:29 Publish in an expensive coffee table edition. Sell 10 copies to draw balanced figures with the arts grant #makebadcomics #
  • 07:35 Make your comic have no relevance to anything in the world outside the reader's crossed eyes. That's what imagination is for #makebadcomics #
  • 07:45 Oh for God's sake. Writers, You don't need to research! Books are just words. Burn your library card. #makebadcomics #
  • 07:50 Seen Joe Sacco in a warzone? Impress everyone by your ability to evoke his celebrity name. Loudly. Pointing, with two fingers #makebadcomics #
  • 07:56 Do not encourage your audience to interact with political issues. They might stick a censor's code on your book. #makebadcomics #
  • 08:02 A pioneering plan to bring work to many? don't waste time consulting veteran grassroots comix commentators. WTF do they know? #makebadcomics #
  • 08:04 Writers, editors are impressed by script using a typewriter. Leaving no margins shows them how hard prepared you are to work. #makebadcomics #
  • 08:12 @spydabadass It was here when I awoke after 2 hours working and sleeping off the beer and vodka. My face is covered in ink. #drawbadcomics #
  • 08:24 I have an 83 page script in photogenic colour w. modern cultural references. I've been working on it from age 4. Nearly done. #makebadcomics #
  • 08:31 If someone is a success, they're going to be a success anyhow. Doesn't mean you have to pay them. #makebadcomics #
  • 08:32 People love a good coffee shop writer or artist. Why drink coffee at home when you can pack a bag? #makebadcomics #
  • 08:39 Sack all creative staff. and hire F- grade schoolkids. The public will love watching them struggle, monthly! #makebadcomics #realitycomics #
  • 08:47 A comics creators clique is just as good as a union. #makebadcomics Just for the con returnees. Sorry about your hangover. #
  • 09:04 Hilarious #makebadcomics material from @pauljholden this morning. #
  • 10:41 "Artists, ask for equal billing. Writers, if you didn’t draw a comic, ask that the billing be equal." #makeradcomics #
  • 10:42 I'll add to that, chief illustrator working with me, gets first equal billing #makeradcomics #

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