Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

  • 11:49 @2dComicsFest I certainly will! Can I have a table? And a short interview? Preferrably in the next month. Oh, and spoilers too? #
  • 11:57 Oh for goodness sake, why is Moore's opinion weighing here? We're talking comix by students AND copyright holders. #1963 #

  • 12th - 14th

    And so that was it : my India Journal. I took more photos than there were wedding guests. The muse is yelling for a payslip. So I content this…

  • 11th

    Zarren's sister, the birthday girl, invites me over for chi and says that I am cute. Auntie is telling me about two of me, one composed of light,…

  • 10th

    Continued from here.. I blow off our appointment when I realise my phone is missing. It's at the internet centre. While there, I get a couple of…

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