Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

  • 00:25 @McKelvie Sorry that is so bud. #
  • 01:00 you're a very funny man @philipspence and it seems you're not the only one #
  • 01:26 RT @gynosaurusrex Employment Scam Alert: Eisio Eco-Friendly Solutions #Craigslist #fraud #identitytheft #
  • 02:13 Rich Johnston's is one of my favourite entertainment sites on the net. It lifted me right out of some doldrums. #
  • 16:21 DownedAlbitros bags a Dick Cheney Pornalike
    "Between Curtain Calls", in characteristic jazzblog fashion. #
  • 18:32 Former Malaysian PM, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad calls for Blair indictment on war crimes #
  • 19:21 Turning off the internet-phones for the evening, I have writer's chores. If it's urgent, my pocket phone is on. #
  • 00:08 It turns out that age difference is a factor. Young people are prone to judgements and narcissism #partingshot #stuffsucks #

  • Sheridan Cottage: Felt Tip Market

    Click on the link below to my piece on selling mini-comics at Oxford Open Market.

  • Market Stall Comics Oxford: Before

    Well, the stock is all ready for this Thursday. Tom McNally's Semiotic Cohesion puts me at ease with sharks, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey's All…

  • Early December 07 Update

    Some new sets I've put up on Flickr MCR2007 Adam Murphy at the Oxford Jam Factory Gaurav and Hitesh in Oxford 07 Food Fun at Dan Japans and a…

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