Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

  • 11:59 "That humanitarian aid was not for humanitarian purposes" @Glinner That one cracked me up. #
  • 12:05 Israel Dep. Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon really thinks he's their answer to Bill Hicks. P&O Ferries jokes next Danny? #antisemblance-ism #
  • 12:06 "Hey! These first aid kits are heavy enough to hurt someone." "I could remove that sticking plaster? OR, you'd like ANOTHER? HAWHAWHAWHAW" #
  • 12:13 Demos today in Ireland: Cork– Daunt Square 1.30pm, Belfast– City Hall, 4pm, Derry– Guildhall 5pm, Dublin– The Spire 6pm, - Please RT #
  • 13:12 Belfast (Gaza Flotilla) demo: may be 2pm, may be 4pm. Verification sought. #
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