Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Can we have a Teachers Day?

Morning all. Over the last six months I've often overstretched myself teaching GCSE History curriculums...can I call them curriculi? Probably not. Huh.

I went to university with the intention to learn, outside of moulding for a job. (Long story, another time) As well as studying Education, I threw expectations off course by studying a wide range of fields. Eligible for most Humanities-related jobs, or as sometimes in Oxford summer for difficult maverick graduates, none. By January, I was not dependent on friends and family goodwill but safely ensconed in East Belfast; BA 2:1 on benefits. I'd forgotten desperately registering my services as a tutor, when the call came through.

There's a bit more freedom to teach in Northern Ireland in the adult learning sector. In teaching under18s, I've heard some Englanders refer to PECS, which were know in NI as CRBs before their new name, Access NI. Though it was okay as I've had vulnerable adult and child training and the sessions were held in the tutee's home with parent's on site.

Yes, so I nearly killed myself in the first fortnight with my stupid YOUCANNOTDESTROYME work ethic. I've learnt a lot about my own capabilities. A few weeks ago, I got another call requesting emergency tuition from a different History curriculum. Luckily, I had also studied part of it twenty years ago and had kept a bundle of notes this time. I found some good resources too. And did not panic.

The parents and kids have been great to work with. I feel a great pride with myself in delivering some kinda brilliant material. Mostly though, I feel a renewed admiration for teachers, and should proceed swiftly to write to my favourite ones and let them know how I have got on since we spoke last. I've one more tutorial to get onto for next Monday and thinking...
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