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a writer who draws

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(no subject)
sp act hero movie
  • 00:39 @theswordisdrawn yes, you are ranting. And why the sweary curses isn't Captain Britain in The Avengers? #
  • 00:41 Whoever just added me on Twitter is my 200th follower. I believe you're entitled to some sort of prize. Like chocoloate? #
  • 00:42 Oh, hell Twitter typos. Does "chocoloate" mean it should be a doughnut? #
  • 02:31 Applying for a bursary. Any comicbook artists (pref. Belfast) want to produce some free sample pages? #
  • 02:36 @EvelynAnkers If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our club. Believe me, you don't want to flatswap. (Or flabswap:) #