Andy Luke (andyluke) wrote,
Andy Luke

Okay. I'm hoping to attend a wedding in India and I'd like to raise about £50-£70 by the end of this week. So, I'll be throwing up some comics files onto the web at iDream for sale. Up there now,  "My comic is about Sociology and it features Tony Blair as a chest knob".

Over at ebay there's work I've previously bought at Caption by Caroline Parkinson, Dave Gibbons and John Bolton

More to come.

Most original pages from my comics are for sale. Check my profile for a complete list of those. Some stuff is fixed price in my head, by-and-large I'm open to offers. £1 within the UK, £3/$5 whiche'er further. Discounts for those on baked beans and lentils.

I'm also considering blogging hourly at some point this week.. No-Mates says my blogging is dull. In the case you agree, you can pledge me not to blog.

The address for my Paypal account is

And some comics. Starting with,

This may not be to everyone's tastes, so I'll put it behind a cut.
Of my littered-with-obscenities pieces, it's the worst. Due to mental imbalances, it's not really gone out anywhere beyond it's first printing.

"And it was a similarly childish reaction to those who might have expected" George Lucas to "pick a good name (that) fits"

Yarn Episode 3. I saw the first one, fifteen minutes of the second one and wondered if I could occupy that downhill space and position myself as a ramp in case George was headed that way.

I started drinking a while later, but the summer putting this together was a lot of fun. Scissors and shapes and tak and tracing. I think it does show. It's stupid now that I think about it, but you wouldn't be here other-wise.

Uploading through the week: REVENGE OF THE CANTINA (2003)
See, even has pre-feature auditorium projections.

On a side-note, if you fancy me selling any of my pages, my paypal email, youknowwhattodo. I will draw stuff for you for money. It is ok, I am cheaper than a Wal-Mart own brand reduced-to-clear section. Actually, THAT DOES NOT sound okay.
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