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a writer who draws

hello viewer

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These aren't the droids you're looking for
sp act hero movie
Thanks to some very generous donations, I've managed to reach over my target £70. So if my other arrangement holds out. it's looking like I'll be able to book the travel costs this week..

Speaking of tickets, if you have yours look beyond the opening features to a time far away of needless sex, violence and cursing with too many pretty pictures.

Episode Three: Revenge of the Cantina (In it's 28 page spot-gag entirety!)

Contains mostly pureile humour and shows off some fun cut-outs.

Please don't be "purchasing". I'm not sure the rozzers would approve. Let me know which piece/s of art from my whole archive I can send out to you.

And there are still some pieces on Ebay, such as this one.
John Bolton! John Bolton!
If you've already donated, and fancy one of them, drop me a line and I'll drop it to you. Oh, and a few digital comics are now up at iDream at my ordinarily cheap rates!

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Revenge in the Cantina - these are the comics you're looking for

Qui gone GIN, man!

Where's grover?

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