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I'm Bat-Man!

Throughout this week I'm having a whip-round for some cash for hols. The immediate essentials have been made available by generous donators and I'll be booking a ticket at week's end.

The image on the left is from another from-the-archives full-of-toilet-humour and eye-catching-illustration.
It's "The Party", and you can read it here.

It's 23 pages, but was originally conceived as a series of single pages complete in themselves. I was reading Will Eisner's Comics & Sequential Art  at the time and really wanted to have every page look very different.

"It's obviously not as good as your last one. In fact, I found it a bit shallow" - Oli Smith

"Oh, I've been to that park. I like the pretty designs. Did you really know Don McLean?" - Joy Dunlop

"Hahahahahahahahahaha" - S
everal people whose laughs I cannot spell. Including Bat-Man.

These pages were scanned in from a photocopy, as the originals appear to be not appearing. So if you'd like to buy any of these, check with me first to see if it's available. UK postage £1, outside UK £3. I believe in micropayments and disposable art. Shall we say four or five quid per page? Some are dearer than others, drop me a line if in doubt. Or just donate, leave a location and enter the RANDOM PAGE THINGY SEND. Oh and here's some more with swears.

My friend Moike sent me this. It has rude words which some of you seem to like. Dearodearo.

What do you say we make apple juice and fax it to each other?

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